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The Elisabeth Bridge in pictures

The story of this elegant bridge of Budapest.

The Elisabeth Bridge was built between 1897 and 1903 in the heart of Budapest. It is named after Elisabeth of Bavaria (Sisi), the popular empress of Austria-Hungary. In Hungarian it’s called Erzsébet-híd.

The bridge was destroyed during WW2, and a new bridge was built between 1961-1964 in a very different style. Nowadays the crossing on the Elisabeth Bridge is part of the Pest and Buda tour‘s route until the end of the renovation of the Chain Bridge. Don’t worry, as the Elisabeth Bridge was built to the narrowest part of the Danube, it doesn’t mean we are walking more!

Elisabeth Bridge 1901
Fortepan / Magyar Földrajzi Múzeum Erdélyi Mór cége 1901
Elisabeth Bridge 1913 Budapest
Fortepan / Budapest Főváros Levéltára / Klösz György fényképei 1913
Fortepan / Latin 1938
Fortepan 1945
Fortepan / UVATERV 1953
Fortepan / UVATERV 1963
Elisabeth Bridge 1969
Elisabeth Bridge Budapest – Fortepan / Tóth Károly dr 1969